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Enterprise IoT 2023 – Opportunities and Challenges

This new report from market analyst and consulting firm TecFutures draws upon 75 interviews with MNOs and MVNOs all offering enterprise IoT solutions. These CSPs are global, regional and local players, active across the main geographical regions of the world. Use this report to explore the following issues:

· Which sectors / verticals do IoT CSPs see as the greatest areas of opportunity and how is this evolving?

· Where will be the most competitive intensity?

· What will be the growth trajectory and drivers for enterprise IoT connections and revenue?

· Which are the major challenges that enterprises are facing with IoT?

· How can we enhance our market strategy and competitive positioning in the IoT space

· How can an IoT CSP best support the enterprise?

Looking to build competitive advantage in the IoT market?

Contact TecFutures to learn more about our custom research and go-to-market solutions. We offer exceptional advice based on our extensive experience and track record with the world’s leading analyst and consulting firms.

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