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MVNO Routes to Growth – Hyperscale or Niche?

Our research tells us that an MVNO cannot be all things to a potential customer, particularly when running up against larger MNOs.

The market is evolving, and two main strategic choices are emerging. The first is to build a volume / hyperscale business and the second is to focus on differentiation as a competitive advantage. Doing neither of these is also of course an option though with huge risks to survival.

Build Volume / Hyperscale

Hyper-scaling is a clear competitive trend in enterprise IoT.  IoT MVNOs currently manage over 350m connections with clear sector differentiation. If a supplier is to compete solely on cost, then they need to ensure that the incremental revenue is greater than the marginal cost of a connection.

Focus on Niche Markets

Target specific industries, verticals or use cases where there's high demand for IoT connectivity but limited competition. By specializing in niche markets such as agriculture, healthcare, or smart cities, MVNOs can tailor their offerings to meet the unique requirements of these industries and build a strong presence.

Choose your route to growth by making key strategic choices. Develop an in-depth understanding of your target markets and why they buy services, and this will allow you to be best-in-class with the right commercial models.

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About TecFutures

At TecFutures, we help create strategic roadmaps that help to answer the fundamental questions that an MNVO needs to address. Our Market Acceleration Framework enables MVNOs to build competitive advantage and drive revenue growth in the fast-evolving IoT landscape.   

We are committed to helping our clients in developing their marketing strategies and tactics for the next wave of technology adoption.


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