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TecFutures Reports

TecFutures regularly conducts market surveys amongst both the technology supplier ecosystem as well as the enterprise market itself and generates insight, infographics, and short reports. Keep in touch with us to receive regular emails highlighting our new research and insight posted. 

Tailored Briefings on our short reports.

Interested in digging deeper into our reports? TecFutures would be happy to take you and your team through the findings on a zoom call. Sessions typically involve looking at how the analysis reflects your own experience, and how the findings inform your market strategy and point to new opportunities. Click to get in touch and find out more.

See our reports below - all available for free download.


The TecFutures / MEF Insight Report on Market Strategies to unlock Value in Enterprise IoT

  • Market analysis

  • Strategic actions for suppliers to secure their future business in Enterprise IoT 

  • Tactical actions for suppliers to help Enterprises with IoT adoption

  • Questions suppliers need to answer to formulate their successful market strategy

The TecFutures Insight Report on How to Build Competitive Advantage in Enterprise IoT

  • 6 key market trends affecting opportunities for suppliers of Enterprise IoT connectivity and solutions

  • 4 essential actions to secure competitive advantage in a dynamic market

The TecFutures short report on Non-Connectivity Needs of Enterprises.


  • Learn how IoT CSPS can gain a competitive advantage.

  • The report looks at 14 non-connectivity services and digs into the top three where IoT CSPS can map enterprise needs onto their market strategy. 

TecFutures is taking a different approach to producing a predictions report for 2023.

  • In November 2022 we interviewed 75 CSPs all offering enterprise IoT solutions, to gather insight on the CSP perspective on opportunities, drivers and challenges in the enterprise IoT market.

  • Drawing on this new data, we analysed a set of six specific questions to highlight IoT ecosystem opportunities for 2023.

The TecFutures short report on expected IoT Connectivity Technology used by Enterprises.


  • The report contrasts licensed / cellular, unlicensed (LoRaWan), WiFi and Satellite connectivity by type of IoT CSP, geographic and focus.

  • We also highlight geographic hotspots for the different technologies.

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