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Strong client-consultant relationships drive high value outcomes

Engaging a consultancy to support your growth ambitions brings its particular challenges. In this short video Andrew Parkin-White of TecFutures speaks to Tatiana Tarassenko of Intis Telecom. They explore how to get the most out of the client-consultant relationship. In short:

1. Mutual trust is paramount - the foundation upon which successful and long-lasting relationships are built.

2. Projects are unique - each bringing a different set of challenges and outcomes may differ from initial expectations – consultants know how to manage these.

3. Consultants are there to help you with strategic and tactical decisions and provide the best outcome.

4. Setting expectations at the outset is key – consultants can’t work miracles but do work in the overall best interests of the client for optimum results.

5. Effective communications are vital – best to operate on a ‘no-surprises’ basis.

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