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TecFutures 2023 Retrospective: What really drove your IOT interest in the past twelve months?

We have looked back at 2023 to discover which issues have really been high on the IOT industry agenda. These distil into five key areas.

1.     Evolution of the IoT Competitive Environment

Our most downloaded report – Unlocking Value in Enterprise IoT - deals with the market strategy actions suppliers can take to secure their future business in Enterprise IoT and the key questions suppliers need to answer to formulate their successful market strategy. The report draws on interviews with leading IoT CSPs including Eseye, G+D, Pelion, Vodafone IoT and ZARIOT. Download your copy here.

We developed a series of short blogs based on this report which proved very popular. These examine how the dynamics of the competitive environment are evolving and how suppliers can position themselves between thriving, surviving, or exiting the market.  


2.     How to Optimize the Marketing Approach

IoT suppliers are faced with a myriad of issues around optimizing their marketing approach. Earlier in 2023, we developed a popular report around Building Competitive Advantage in Enterprise IoT. We drew on our survey of 75 MNOs and MVNOs to gain a better perspective on market views and expectations.


We looked at six key market trends and four resulting actions affecting opportunities for suppliers of Enterprise IoT connectivity and solutions. You can get your copy here.



3.     Adding Value Beyond Connectivity

 This report highlighted a couple of pervasive themes concerned with adding value to an IoT proposition and not simply relying on ever-reducing connectivity pricing.


The enterprise IoT market is booming, but two major challenges have emerged: increasing competitive intensity and a race to the bottom in terms of prices. The blog below is one of our most read from 2023.



4.     Enterprise Vertical Dynamics

Another theme is around enterprise verticals, and where the largest future vertical opportunities will be going forward.

TecFutures asked 75 IoT CSPs to rank the overall importance of vertical sectors in terms of market size and revenue potential now and in the next 12 to 24 months. The blog below summarizes the high level findings.


5.     The Future of Wholesale IoT

We found great interest in the evolution of wholesale level connectivity in IoT. We spoke about the evolution of IoT wholesale to various groups and at events.  We explored the future development of the IoT global connectivity market and the implications for wholesalers.

We also explored how IoT has ushered in a new era of connectivity requirements, transformed the enterprise landscape, and how wholesale carriers find themselves at the heart of this dynamic connectivity market.

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