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TecFutures asked CSPs for their views on where enterprise connectivity technology is heading in the next 12 to 24. Across MNOs and MVNOs, we see a consistent picture for connectivity technology demand. There are around five competing technologies most in demand including WiFi, Satellite, and 5G reflecting the widening range of enterprise IoT use cases.

At the other end, there is diminishing demand for 2G and 3G technology - though this will be dependent on 2G and 3G switch-offs as well as the complexity of applications under consideration.

There are six key take-aways:

1. There is no single connectivity technology that IoT CSPs believe will dominate

2. Enterprises will be seeking a blended solution to their connectivity requirements across licensed and unlicensed technologies

3. Both LoraWan and SigFox appear in the top three when ranked for importance and is particularly important to those active in MENA and Sub-Saharan Africa

4. Wi-Fi is the second most important connectivity technology overall and is the most important in North America, MENA and Sub-Saharan Africa

5. 5G clearly demonstrates a growing relevance and focus for IoT connectivity, especially in Europe and North America

6. Satellite IoT is a relatively new contender in the IoT connectivity landscape yet already has a high ranking in North America and MENA.

Need to understand the Enterprise perspective? TecFutures understands the emerging tech and IoT space. We apply custom research to help build competitive advantage for global technology players from outstanding analysis of digital opportunity and transformation in the Enterprise. Get in touch to find out more. Follow TecFutures, reach out Phil Todd or Andrew Parkin-White for a chat about how we can help through our custom research and go-to-market solutions.

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