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Custom Research Discovery

TecFutures offers a no-obligation informal discovery session where we have a discovery call with you / your team. Not every research objective can be met with a custom research solution, so we use a simple interactive session to understand your current markets and products in more depth and see how custom research solutions could help meet what your strategy needs and build competitive advantage.


The process concludes with a second call where we presents back how custom research could provide added value to help address specific market strategy questions.

The whole process is geared around building an understanding of your business aims and where you would like custom research to help drive your market strategy.

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How does Custom Research Discovery work?


Here we discuss your business goals and specific objectives, and review how research might be applicable.

Background research includes

  • Market trends

  • Competitive environment

  • Market opportunity

We document our understanding of your market strategy challenge, the specific objectives you have, and assess the opportunity for custom research leverage.

We discuss our overview of the challenge, review the potential impact of custom research, and look at next steps.

If Custom Research does not offer sufficient value, then there is no obligation and the Discovery process concludes.

If Custom Research does offer sufficient value, we agree to move forward with a custom research project proposal.

Market Strategy Matrix

The review call will allow TecFutures to present our views and recommendations.

We will produce a summary of the discussion and recommend research solutions that we believe would help you to advance your strategy.

Our discussions will include examples of how we analyse market opportunities and create actionable recommendations for clients.

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